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Timeline Integrated and Sustainable Ports Africa Project 

Scientific Publications 

Integrated hazard, risk and impact assessment of tropical marine sediments from Tema Harbour (Ghana) - (Botwe et. al) - 2016

A sustainability assessment of ports and port-city plans: Comparing ambitions with achievements - Shipper et. al

Wiebe de Boer et al, Mapping the Sandy beach Evolution of African Ports 2019

Wiebe de Boer et al, Ecosystem-Based Alternatives for the Design of a Seaport's Marine Infrastructure 2019

Other publications presentations and reports

Vellinga and Slinger Ghana stakeholder workshop Feb 2017

Arno Kangeri, Frameworks for Harbor Sustainability in Africa (2017)

Tiedo Vellinga, Integrated and sustainable port development Making a conscious choice for humans, environment and economy (2017)

Arno Kangeri - Mapping ecosystem change in a data poor environment

Slinger and de Boer PIANC event The Netherlands 2017

Koetse et al Achtergrondrapport-relatieve-prijsstijging-natuur-en-ecosysteemdiensten Report 2017

Vellinga et al Integrated and Sustainable Port Development in Ghana  2017

Vellinga Integrated and sustainable port development, Ports Evolution Conference  September 2017

Slinger et al Stakeholder inclusive design for Sustainable Port Development 2017

Taneja et al Abstract 1 PIANC 2018

Slinger et al Abstract 2 PIANC 2018

Slinger et al Abstract 3 PIANC 2018

Slinger et al Abstract 4 PIANC 2018

De Boer et al, Towards an ecosystem based bort desging process: Lessons learnt from Tema port, Ghana.  2018

Vellinga Presentation PMAWCA Accra  July  2018

Slinger Shaping the port of the future presentation ROME 2018

Taneja and Vellinga Abstract PIANC 2018

Taneja Poster BDP UDW meeting Dhaka 2018

Vreugdenhil et al Presentation Adaptation Futures 2018

Vreugdenhil et al Presentation WCTRS Antwerp 2018

Voices on Sustainable Ports in Africa, Stories from Tema Port Ghana 2018

Presentations at Africa Works 2019

Vellinga et al, Towards a framework for integrated and ecosystem-based port development

Slinger et al, Designing for stakeholder values in port development in Africa

Boer de et al, An ecosystem-based engineering framework for port development

Rijks et al, Contribution of nature-based concepts to port development

Presentations at the final online Stakeholder Assessment Workshop 13 November 2020

Welcome and workshop introduction by T. Vellinga

Integrated Framework for Sustainable Port Development by J.H. Slinger 

Ghana Team's Experience by K. Appeaning Addo

Valuation of Ecosystem Services by L. Hagedoorn 

Integrated & Sustainable Port Development in Ghana

Africa is on the rise and new ports are essential to unlock production and trade opportunities and enable future growth. However,  an integrated inter-disciplinary approach to sustainable port development, which embraces the four perspectives of engineering, ecology, economy and governance is lacking. The ongoing NWO-UDW project “Integrated and Sustainable Port Development in Ghana” addresses this gap.This paper describes the project including the underlying vision and the objectives, the work-plan and the expected project results. It also describes the results of a workshop in Ghana in July 2015 to identify needs and values of relevant stakeholders with respect to Tema port development.

Download the  report here.

Stakeholder Inclusive Design for Sustainable Port Development

It is being increasingly recognized that sustainable port development requires an integrated planning approach which includes working with nature, a stakeholder inclusive design and co-creation of values, as well as an adaptive design that can cope with future uncertainties without losing its functionality. The multi-disciplinary character of port design whereby engineering, ecological, economic and governance aspects are integrated, makes the implementation of this approach very challenging. Not surprisingly, concrete examples of port projects incorporating and demonstrating these principles are rare. This paper proposes that pilot case studies would go a long way towards the acceptance and implementation of the approach.

Download the  paper here.

Fact-Finding Mission to Ghana

From the 5th until the 10th of February 2017, the Sustainable Ports Development research team travelled to Ghana on a fact-finding mission. The multi-disciplinary research team consisted of 11 researchers from the TU Delft, Deltares, Unesco- IHE, Wageningen Marine Research and The VU Amsterdam. During and prior to this week they actively worked together with their Ghanaian counterparts, 9 researchers from the University of Ghana. The objective of the exchange visit was to learn from the past and from each other, but mostly from the Ghanaian experts and local stakeholders.

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Kick-Off Meeting Report

This report provides a full overview of the 'Kick off Meeting and First General Workshop for Supporting Parties'. The contents includes what the group defined as a 'sustainable port', what specific concepts should be considered in building a sustainable port in Tema, Ghana, an overview of the outcomes of the 'Port of the Future' game, and more.

Download the full report here, or a shorter summary here.

Project Flyer

A flyer summarzing the concept of the project and its visions can be downloaded here.

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